Wilderness Map Adventure: Gear List,Rules & Scoring

Gear Required At All Times


  • 20-60 oz.of hydration capacity - Bottles, hydration bladder, et
  • Whistle

  • Water-resistant jacket - If the forecast calls for good weather, we will drop this requirement in advance of the race.
  • Clothing appropriate for weather conditions (Example: cold weather jacket)

Team (solo, 2 person, 3-4 person)

  • Mobile phone - Fully charged in waterproof or double-ziplock bag
  • Sharpie/marker
  • Waterproof protection for maps - Zip lock bag, map case, contact paper
  • Compass - Should be base plate or sighting type
  • Bib number - Provided at race check-in. Must be visible at all times by race staff.
  • Emergency/space/mylar blanket – Full size, metallic style, $2-$3 each at big box stores, outdoor/camping stores or online.
  • Enthusiasm


  1. No trespassing. Stay on park property only. The boundaries are clearly marked on your map.
  2. Stay out of prohibited areas as marked on your map.
  3. Team members must stay within 30 meters of each other at ALL times.
  4. GPS Devices: Keep all GPS-capable devices out of sight for the entirety of the race. If everyone follows this rule, then we should never get an accusation of a team using such a device to cheat.
  5. Cellphones: May be used for scanning QR codes, taking photos ONLY and tracking your progress for post race review. Under no circumstances may they be for navigation purposes.
  6. Racers must assist any person in danger.
  7. Any person or team withdrawing from the race must notify race staff in person. If one or more members of a team wish to continue the race after a teammate withdraws they may do so as an unranked team/solo provided that the entire team has checked in with race staff first. Leaving a teammate behind will result in immediate disqualification.
  8. Leave no trace.
  9. Race management may modify these rules. We will inform all racers of any rule changes at the pre-race meeting.


  • Checkpoints(CPs) may be visited in any order.
  • Teams will first be ranked by number of regular CP/points punched then by number of bonus CPs. So for example, Team Cold Toes punches 10 regular CPs and 0 bonus, Team Soggy Socks punches 9 regular CPs and 3 bonus CPs - Cold Toes wins since they are ranked higher using regular CPs first.
  • In order to receive credit for visiting a CP, passports must be clearly punched in the correct box. If you accidentally punch the wrong box, make a note of the mistake on your passport and notify race staff when you turn in your passport.
  • There is a 4 hour time limit. Any team/solo arriving late will receive a 1 point penalty plus1 point per additional 5 minutes past 4 hours they arrive at the finish. For example at 4 hours, 5 minutes the penalty is -2 points, at 4 hours, 10 minutes it's -3 points.

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