T-SHIRT Policy

VINDURA events will specify on the event page if shirt is provided as part of registration. Not all VINDURA events provide shirts as part of registration and some events may charge extra for a shirt. This will be indicated on the event page and during during registration. If during registration, a shirt size option is not asked, then the event is NOT providing shirts as part of registration, the shirt deadline has passed or there are no-longer shirts available in inventory. 


The shirt deadline is normally 16 days at midnight prior to the event. It is normally listed under "Important Dates" on the event page. All registration after this date likely will NOT receive a t-shirt. We simply do not have the outside sponsors to order extra and we apologize for any inconvenience. Occasionally our vendor allows us to extend the deadline and that will be indicated on the event website.

Bib Transfers

All bib transfers or team substitutes after the shirt deadline will receive the original participants shirt size.

There must be a minimum of 20 participant registrations for event shirt orders to be placed. If registration numbers do not meet the minimum for custom event shirts, VINDURA may elect to provide "Team VINDURA" shirts in their place when they are available.

Events That Currently Include T-shirts

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